Thank you families, friends and colleagues for 7 wonderful years!

After seven wonderful years,
serving the women and families of Greater Vancouver
and being a part of over 1000 births,
Open Door Midwifery closed on July 31st, 2015.


As our own careers and families have grown over these years, it became time for our midwives to reorganize their professional practice to move into the next decade and sustain the energy and passion we each have for the work we do.

You can still find us catching babies with our new practices across the city of Vancouver.  To locate a former midwife of Open Door Midwifery, please consult the College of Midwives of British Columbia’s List of Registrants.

I would like to extend a very warm and heartfelt thank-you to all of the women, families and babies who have passed through our doors these last seven years.  Working with each and every one of you has been a pleasure and a privilege.  Thank you also to our interprofessional peers, colleagues and consultants who have collaborated with and supported the midwives and clients of Open Door Midwifery.

If you have a direct request for Open Door Midwifery, the voicemail at 604-336-0444 and email will continue to be checked intermittently.


Lee Yeates RM
Director, Open Door Midwifery

You will now find me at the South Community Birth Program!